Anhidrosis (dry skin)

Anhidrosis is the term used to describe dry feet. Some people suffer from unusually dry skin; it leaves the skin flaky, peeling and thin. Certain areas of skin may thicken and crack. The heels are particularly prone to cracking which often leads to deep fissures.

Anhidrosis (dry skin)

It is important to distinguish dry skin from callus. With anhidrosis the top of the foot is often dry and the dryness can extend up the legs and affect the hands.

Callus however are sites of pressure and shearing due to footwear and biomechanical problems.

However, at times callus or hard skin and dry skin can exist in combination. Patches of dry skin may form as a result of athletes foot or eczema.

Applying emollients or moisturising creams to the foot on a regular basis will help to improve a dry skin.

The Malvern Surgeries has a wide range of professional products which can be prescribed or purchased.

This a short list of our most popular products used by patients with dry skin:

  • Flexitol heel balm for dry and cracked feet. It contains 25% urea in addition to ingredients designed to deepen penetration into the skin to optimise hydration. It is non greasy.
  • Akileine hydro defense. This a good general emollient for very dry feet.
  • Akileine cream. This a very popular moisturising cream for dry skin.
  • Ureka footcare cream. This product contains 10% urea and is excellent for dry skin and cracked heels and has an antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.
  • Aqueous cream BP. This product is a good cleansing agent and emollient for softening and soothing the skin.
  • Neat Feet Foot moisturiser. This is a rich moisturiser suitable for dry cracked feet.

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