Foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses are devices designed to fit into shoes and address abnormal foot function, they do this by realignment of the feet and lower limbs. This abnormal foot function can result in various symptoms: they include heel, knee, back and leg pain. Carbon fibre orthotic

At the Malvern Surgeries we offer a range of foot orthoses that take into account both shoe type and budget.

The shoe types considered when prescribing orthoses are lace, court or slip-on and sports shoes. Some sandals can also accommodate orthoses. Carbon fibre orthotics for slip on shoe

Our range of orthoses includes:

(1) Off-shelf customised moulded orthoses.

These can be prescribed at time of consultation in the surgery or in the gym.

(a) Frelen orthoses

A light weight mouldable insole which is individually modified by adding wedges, heel raises and cushioning. The mouldable shell offers both cushioning and insulation. Frelen orthoses

These orthoses are often used as temporary devices. However, they are durable and can be worn in the shoe long term.

(b) Biobasics

These orthoses are customised and prescribed to suit individual biomechanical needs. They are ideal for sportsmen and women and are often worn with trainers.

(c) Pedipods: orthoses for children

Pedipod insoles are uniquely designed to help children develop a healthy foot and body posture as they grow. The development of poor posture whilst growing potentially disturbs normal walking, running and standing. This can lead to recurrent back, knee and foot pain as an adult. Pedipod orthoses designed for children

Pedipod insoles were developed by British biomechanical experts to help balance body posture with growth, recognising the different needs of the child's foot as it grows compared to adults. Consequently they can help relieve common growing pains, like foot arch ache and traction apophysitis, such as Sever's disease (which causes heel pain) and Osgood-Schlatters.

Pedipods are usually prescribed for wearing full length in lace-type school shoes or trainers. Checking the length of a carbon fibre orthoses for a slip on shoe

The prescription form for fully functional orthoses is overleaf.

(2) Lab customised moulded orthoses

These are prescribed at the time of consultation in the surgery or gym. This involves filling in a short prescription form which is then sent on to the lab for customised manufacture.

The shell for this type of orthoses has been pre-fabricated in carbon fibre and the lab customises them to the prescription. They are returned to the surgery or gym for issue usually within seven days.

Carbon fibre allows the manufacture of very thin orthoses and increases the range of choices on offer.

(a) full length devices for slip on, sport or lace shoes

(b) three quarter length devices for slip on shoes.

(c) three quarter length for lace type shoes

(3) Fully functional orthoses

These are manufactured by the lab after the podiatrist has undertaken a detailed biomechanical examination and casted the patient's feet. The comprehensive prescription form, together with the negative casts, are sent to the lab. The manufactured functional orthoses are received and issued to the patient approximately four weeks later. Temporary insole with a cut-out of the 1st metatarsal head

This type of orthoses gives the maximum range of choices with regard to footwear and the best possible prognosis with regard to symptoms. With certain foot conditions such as gross pronation and excessive hypermobility and those of a long standing nature, fully functional orthoses are often the only ones which will fully address the symptoms.

Fully functional orthoses are available in a much wider range of materials. The shell can be carbon fibre or polypropylene in various thicknesses or it can be EVA. The posts can come in varying densities and the top cover materials can be vinyl or a range of cushioned material.

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