Malvern Podiatry Surgery Services

The Malvern Podiatry Surgery provides a comprehensive range of services to its patients. These include consultations, routine foot care, minor surgery, cryosurgery for warts and verrucae and physical therapies for sports and dance injuries.

There are also a number of foot screens for patients requiring advice or a short treatment for a specific problem. There are dermatological foot screens for those patients requiring advice and treatment for conditions relating to the skin, circulatory foot screens for patients with concerns about their circulation or for those who have been previously advised by their Consultant or GP that their circulation is poor.

For patients that have been diagnosed as diabetic we offer a foot screening service which involves a number of tests to determine response to vibration, temperature, and sensory stimulation. The circulation is checked using a Doppler to determine blood flow. The skin is checked for corns, callus, blisters, fungal infections and ulcers. Nails are checked to see whether they are ingrowing or there is fungal involvement.

After a diabetic foot screen patients are grouped into low, medium or high risk and this will determine the advice they receive regarding a follow-up appointment.

Biomechanical foot screens are beneficial for patients if they are experiencing pain in the feet, lower limbs or back, particularly if after activity and no cause has been established. Sportsmen and women and dancers often find increased symptoms with increased activity is related to biomechanics.

A shoe screening service is provided for patients requiring shoe advice. The podiatrist will advise you on the type of footwear best suited for your feet. There is also a measuring service which is particularly relevant for sportsmen and women.

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