Chiropody Consultations

This large toe was treated without discomfort to the patient by draining blood which had become trapped under the nail as a result of dropping a dinner plate on to her toe

On contacting Malvern Podiatry Surgery, a patient is asked about their foot problems particularly their main complaint. An appointment time is arranged between 30 and 45 minutes, dependent upon the problems to be discussed. During the consultation the podiatrist will take a full, medical history, which will be relevant to their presenting condition and proposed treatment. This history will include any medication that you are taking and the conditions that you are taking it for. Those of particular importance to a podiatrist are diabetes, circulatory and neurological problems.

Once the medical history has been documented, the podiatrist will discuss the presenting foot problems with the patient and suggest a treatment or treatment programme. In the majority of cases, treatment can start during the consultation appointment. For example routine footcare, or a painful corn or mild ingrowing toenail. For those requiring minor surgical procedures these would be explained to the patient in detail and a further appointment made for these procedures to be carried out. In other cases, such as sports injuries a number of treatments are required and a treatment programme is agreed at the time of consultation.

With patients requiring regular routine care, they would be advised of an appropriate return period to maintain their foot comfort. Those patients that have more problematic feet, particularly when related to poor circulation and diabetes, often require shorter appointments which are dependent upon their presenting symptoms at the time.

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