Circulatory Foot Screening

Circulatory assessment of the feet is provided for patients who have concerns regarding their circulation or who have previously been advised that they are at risk due to reduced circulation. They are also provided for patients who have been diagnosed with conditions that may affect their circulation such as hardening of the arteries or diabetes.

Circulatory Foot Screening

During the assessment the podiatrist checks skin colour and temperature, hair growth and nail condition. The feet have two main arterial pulses, one on the inside of the ankle called the posterior tibial and one on top of the foot called the dorsalis pedis. The podiatrist at The Malvern Surgeries uses a dopplar to locate and assess the circulation through these arteries.

The circulation to the tissues, particularly that of the toes, is assessed using a test called the sub capillary filling time, that is the time for the tissues to turn from white back to red after being pressed. This is usually about one second with a teenager and increases with age.

Circulatory Foot Screening

The podiatrist will inform you of your assessment results and the period between which he feels the assessment needs to be repeated. If there are any concerns he will discuss these with you and if appropriate contact your general practitioner who in turn may refer you to a consultant vascular surgeon.

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