Dermatological Foot Screen

The Malvern Podiatry Surgery offers a short dermatological foot screen for patients requiring advice on conditions, which affect the skin or nails of the foot.

The podiatrist starts by examining the top of the feet and toes, moving through the webbing to the soles, arch and heels of the feet.

Dermatological Foot Screen

The objective of the foot screen is to determine a general skin type, whether the skin is moist (hyperhydrosis), or dry (anhydrotic) or, as in some cases, a combination of both.

Moist skin can lead to conditions such as Athlete's Foot, fungal infection of the nails, and blisters. Dry skin can lead to irritation of the skin and splits (fissures) especially around the heels.

The podiatrist will also examine the skin for corns, callouses and verrucae as well as other conditions associated with dermatological disorders, such as psoriasis.

Once a skin problem is diagnosed, the patient will be advised of a suggested treatment programme and will be given an information leaflet about the condition. In some cases a short treatment can be given at the time of the foot screen and, where appropriate, a prescription given.

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