Routine Foot Care

The Malvern Surgeries offers a comprehensive routine foot care service. The period between routine foot care is dependent on clinical history and clinical difficulty. In general terms it is preferable and most beneficial for patients to attend the surgery prior to their foot condition becoming symptomatic rather than waiting until they are experiencing acute symptoms.

Routine Footcare

The period between routine foot care appointments is influenced by a large number of factors including skin type, occupation, foot shape, shoe type, sports and dance, various medical conditions that affect the feet.

During a routine foot care appointment, the feet are checked starting with the top of the foot, between the toes, the nails, the soles of the feet and the heels. Any specific problems are prioritised and discussed as necessary with the patient. The nails are cut and filed and examined for any tendency to ingrow or nail fungus. Corns and callus on the toes, soles of the feet and heels are reduced and if necessary dressings applied.

The patient is then advised of a return period depending on their presenting conditions.

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